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DJ & Producer

MAY 2023

It's spring time, weather is getting warmer and so we bring refreshed vibes of the positive kind!


I hope you all have been having a great year so far!

As for me, I'm looking forward to spinning more great music, meeting more cool people and working more great events for 2023 as well. On that note I'd also like to thank all those that reach out and support me, whether it's hiring me to spin for your event, attending one of my events or just streaming one of my mixes. Thanks you!

Now as usual, we have some cool events going on this month, so check my events calendar page to see where I'll be spinning!

On that note if you're looking for DJ entertainment and /or a venue for your event, I can help you with that!

Drop me an email with inquiries in my contact page and I'll get back to you ASAP!


Don't forget to check my latest mixes at

Be blessed and stay safe!

DJ Marlon Bizzy



Who's ready for a mix to get your day goin'?


These are some Open Format mixes that I threw together made up of  different musical genres from various eras mixed together to showcase to you my DJ skills and abilities to blend together songs that are sure to keep your guests engaged at your event or party!


Just hit play and check out a FREE sample of how I sound on the mix!  Enjoy!


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