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"What influenced me to become a Dj? 
It all started at home in NYC.  I grew up in a musical home and community.  I love music.  My  pops played Latin percussion, my brother played the piano and they'd always play records at home..  That helped me to learn and understand rhythm and melody. 
On top of that, back then through your open apartment windows in the summer, you could hear the music  coming from the Boom Box out in the streets.  You can hear the R&B and Hip Hop clearly.. The sounds of New York.. Altogether it was a recipe waiting to happen..  I love what I do."
DJ Marlon Bizzy has music flowing through his veins. He was born and raised on NYC’s Upper West Side when it was all about hip hop jams and break moves. The obsession started while leafing through his parents’ record collection of Latin Jazz, Salsa, Disco, and rock n’ roll, watching relatives and friends spin records at community events, and finding his way on his brother’s DJ equipment. At 9 years old, he was already absorbing the music playing on the radio and recording his own joints.
Marlon Bizzy is true school. Some of his favorite memories stem from when he was just getting into the DJ game, on nights when he and his small entourage would travel from community centers to kids’ basements with records and equipment in hand, ready to flip the script. Years of experience have now made him a force. His combination of raw talent, versatility, and passion for his craft sets him apart from the newcomers. Together with a natural charisma that he brings to the stage of any event, Marlon Bizzy captivates party goers and rivals alike. Point blank, he knows how to move a crowd, feeling what his audience needs and delivering the goods with powerful impact.
These days, if Bizzy’s not busy developing a killer catalog of mixes spanning various genres and time periods, he’s controlling the decks at blockbuster events and awards shows. Past dates include screening after parties for "The Wrestler", "The Hangover", "Obsessed", "Flawless", "Hurt Locker", the Jay Z "Fade to Black" movie premiere party at 40/40 club, as well as Richard Branson’s Virgin America event at The Box. Other recent projects include spinning for the Sean Jean X Jean Basquiat event for NYC Fashion Week, the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade for Proctor & Gamble, and rocking the “Night at the Mansion” event at the Versace Mansion, Miami. Currently, Bizzy can be seen and heard at his residency for SAMSUNG ’s flagship store in New York's Meat Packing District.
Make no mistake Marlon Bizzy can curate any event, ready with selections that suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Hip Hop shaped his life but he always knew that being able to draw from any genre would open doors. Whether it’s disco, ‘80s retro-pop, r&b, classic rock, funk, soul, jazz, salsa, reggaeton, house, whatever, Marlon Bizzy will have you nodding your head and waiting to hear what he drops next. It’s rare and refreshing to see an artist with the ability to manipulate each genre with the same precision, skill, and musicality as the next.
Most importantly, while Marlon Bizzy has kept current with digital technology and can have the speakers bumping through any device, he still loves the organic sound of a record above all else. A vinyl aficionado, Bizzy finds no bigger thrill than finding a rare or original pressing in a stack of hundreds. So if spinning wax is what you're looking for, Marlon Bizzy would be more than happy to oblige.
If you haven’t figured it out by now, DJ Marlon Bizzy is one of a kind. His talent is unprecedented and his skills are contagious. Once you hear his set, it’s a wrap. Keep an ear out–Bizzy will be bringing down the house at a venue near you for years to come.
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