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MARLON B SPINS THE TrueCooks X Hedley & Bennett Block Party AUGUST 20, 2018!!


On August 20th 2018, I had a blast spinning for the TRUECOOKS X HEDLEY & BENNETT Block Party out in Vernon California and I want to thank my dude Chef Chad Minton, TrueCooks, Spiceology and the Hedley & Bennett crew for having me spin for such an amazing event!

Once again, it was great to see so many familiar faces and people I haven't seen in a bit.  My Swagyu crew; Justin, Chef Steve Brown, Chef David Duarte & Nathan!!

I was especially happily surprised that a bunch of my NY and Cali crew made it out to check me at this event! Shout out to Dante, Vinny, Hollywood Agent and anyone I'm missing. The people dancing and moving to the 80's, 90's and 00's beats.. I spun a nice mix of East Coast and West Coast Hip Hop, R&B, 80's Pop hits with some Break Beats mixed in there.. The feeling was definitely overwhelming in a positive way.

Here's a few flicks of the event.. Scroll through..



On June 10th 2018, I had the pleasure of spinning for the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade on 5th Avenue New York City and I must say first and foremost, it was an amazing experience! 


The crowds of beautiful, happy people having fun, showing support for La Isla del Encanto (Puerto Rico) was incredible and I must say I felt a bit overwhelmed in a great spiritual way.  It was a whole bag of emotions for me personally.  Being born and raised in NYC all my life with a Puerto Rican Mother, as a youth she always took me to the PR Day parade and we'd see Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and later J-Lo, Ricky Martin, Big Pun and many other great Latin artists, so growing up I would always daydream and would say to myself "One day I hope to make it so I can be on a float in the Puerto Rican Day Parade and represent for my culture and "Mi Gente" and that day finally came!


Thanks to the good people of Proctor and Gamble and Jackson Dawson for putting this together and supporting the Puerto Rican Day Parade, the culture and the people of Puerto Rico!


Check out a brief glimpse of my experience in the video on the right.

DJ MARLON B Spins The Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade 2018

DJ MARLON B Spins The Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade 2018

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Where do I start?

Well lets just say that for starters despite the devestation and damage that Hurricane Maria left behind, the Island seemed to be getting back to its norm, so it was good to see that.  But you can still see signs of that damage it left behind.  I pray for PR.

Now.. The festival! 


My pal Richard "Crazy Legs" Colon of New York City's "Rock Steady Crew" has been organizing and having this event on the Island of Puerto Rico for the past 6 years.  I thought it was a great idea especially when he told me his mission was to bring new business and guests to enjoy their time on the Island while bringing some needed money to the Islands economy.  Great way to think Legs!


So, when I attended the 1st Puerto Rock Steady it felt like a cool Hip Hop reunion on a beautiful Island, beach right in front of your bungalow, cool, beautiful people everywhere; DJ's spinning great sounds of all sorts while the crowd dances and enjoys the sun rays and water.  Hip Hop, Dance, Salsa with a twist of Caribbean type of steez.  It was at that point that I realized.. this is a super cool event that I can do again. 

So this year I had the pleasure of spinning for the festivals pool party and I have to say.. I had a blast!!

Shouts to everyone that attended and my DJ family that all did their thing on the 1's & 2's!

Check out some flicks and videos!


This was a great night with the TrueCooks family out in Miami.  Our first event was on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel South Beach Miami, Florida and I have to say it was a fun time!  The TrueCooks team were in effect throwing down and cheffing it up serving delicious dishes of many varieties. 

The second event was held at the Versace Mansion in South Beach Miami as well and I think people had a good time..

Check it out..

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